Amazed With The Teachers!

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Alhamdulillah, despite of the hectic week, I am well alive. Alhamdulillah.

Few updates, we’ve had a very last minute trip to Pahang, just to see Islam got married at Pahang, Alhamdulillah. But that for another post   😛

So, I wanted to share about today.

Today, which is Friday, kakak got photoshoot session, with all her friends and teachers. The school also got morning session only, which mean, all the kinderkaizeners come in the morning. Rough figure, 50 kids.

Thurdays, after she finished the school, she comes back home, eat and sleep. After she wakes up, 3pm-ish like that, she started vomitting all over the place, and keeps saying that her head hurts.

Yeah, we went to the clinic and all. She ate the medicine. But keeps vomiting until 12am. Total up, from 3pm to 12am, its about 12 times she vomitting, and thats a lot, actually.

But, she wakes up fine today. Quite energetically actually but I am still worried though.

So, to the school she goes and I went to the school at 10am-ish to pick her up. Hahaha. Awai gila baq hang. Dia tak habis bergambaq pun lagi, tak tangkap gambaq pun lagi pasai nak kena tunggu turn apa semua kan.

But alhamdulillah, she is fine, the teacher also said that she is okay, play happily, eat happily and make up happily. Hahaha.

I got to see the photograph session. It was hilarious. Hahaha. Looks easy right? Kids standing there, and just click away. But naaah. The teacher must be cheerleader or the kids wont be looking at the camera. Especially the boys.

The girl? The only request that I’ve heard is, “tutup mulut, senyum”. Pasaipa tutup mulut? Pasai depa pakai liptik laaa, mana boleh tutup muluttt. Hahahaha.

Masam sebab mama suruh tutup mulut, hahaha

After the photoshoot session is over, Kakak still don’t want to go home. She even asked the teacher permission to let both me and Abang Bukhari in, just so she can play with Abang inside the school. Alhamdulillah, teacher let us in.

Inside, both of them, didnt care bout their mama no more. But the other kids, they come to me, one by one, just to show or to ask something. Literally, non stop gaisss.

I just don’t know how they did this everyday!

Like,very wise, very patient, very compassionate, very polite.

Wallahi, I kenot sisturss. Anak dua pun kekadang macam Singa dah perangai, how to handle this 50 kids in a calm way? For me, 30 minutes max. Other than that, I might go cray cray -__-

This kid told me about Titanic
Abang show them the anatomy of an ambulance

So, yes. I am very amazed with the teachers, and I am very thankful and grateful for the hardwork they have put. May Allah ease their journey and give the Jannah for their reward, insyaAllah.

Kakak and her best friend, Aisyah.


Sincerely, Mama Tiqah.